University Of Missouri Sigma Pi Challenges Carrie Underwood To NHL-Based Bet

As cornball as these viral celebrity challenges/prom invitations/whatever else can be, when it’s going towards a good cause, it’s hard to hate on them. As much as I want to throw shade, a fraternity getting at Carrie Underwood to either win a free concert, donate to charity, or both, is a respectable move.
It’s also a win-win for the fraternity. Either Underwood doesn’t respond, and they get an A for effort, or she does respond, and they get to make a sizable donation to a charity, one way or another.
The Sigma Pi fraternity in Columbia posted a video on Twitter challenging Carrie Underwood to bet on the Blues-Predator series.
The terms of the deal are simple: If the Nashville Predators defeat the St. Louis Blues in their NHL playoff series, the Sigma Pi brothers will come to Nashville and donate 200 hours of community service to the charity of Underwood’s choice. If the Blues beat the Predators, then Sigma Pi wants Carrie to perform a concert in Columbia, Missouri, and donate the proceeds to a charity of the fraternity’s choice.

No word on if Carrie agrees to the bargain or not, but my bet is she just cuts them a check for PR sake.
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