'The Flash' May Have Found Its Director & It's A BIG Name

Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe has not enjoyed the smoothest of rides since kicking off with 2013’s Man of Steel. Mixed reaction to its three entries has cooled fan interest and drama behind the scenes has not instilled confidence in this burgeoning shared cinematic universe. The latter especially applies to The Flash, which has gone through a handful of directors and pre-production issues.
But that problem may have just been solved.
Screen Junkies is reporting that Oscar-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis (Back to the FutureForrest Gump) is in talks with WB to helm The Flash.


While this would be a major win for Warner Bros. and help assuage the doubts of fans, the report is yet to be confirmed. Hollywood scoop master Umberto Gonzalez is even refuting SJ’s report.

It’s important to note that Gonzalez has also whiffed on some big exclusive reports in the past, but he’s definitely one of the more plugged in guys around Hollywood.
If true, Zemeckis has the necessary sci-fi and storytelling chops to save the sinking ship that is The Flash. Despite having star Ezra Miller in place, The Flash has reportedly lost as many as three directors in its troubled development process. Who better to swoop in at this point than the established and well-respected Zemeckis?
The DCEU is badly in need of a comeback and WB is hoping that this summer’s Wonder Woman and November’s Justice League can help restore some luster to their product. If both films prove popular with fans and critics, adding Zemeckis to the mix could really put the series on a roll.
Stay tuned for more details.
The Flash
Release Date: March 16, 2018 (liked to change)
Starring: Ezra Miller

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