Taco Bell Finally Does Something Coo…Ah, Nope, They're Serving Beer In Canada, NOT America

Here’s a quick little anecdote for you to wrap your head around: an American company selling Mexican food will begin serving beer in… Canada. Is that racist? That’s not for me to decide.
If you’ve read any of my articles before, you know my distaste for a select group of fast food franchises can border on ironic. I don’t really hate these places so much (looking at you Taco Bell, Subway, McDonald’s, and KFC), I just enjoy hating on these places. It’s therapeutic.
But this isn’t a case of irrational hate, this is a case of Taco Bell completely disregarding the American people. Um, excuse me, but didn’t America basically invent beer? Not really. But we sure as hell perfected it. Plus, with recent White House developments, Taco Bell should be trying to suck up to the American people as much as possible. President Trump strikes me as the type who would think Taco Bell is a legitimately Mexican franchise and try to find a way to make them pay for the wall. Hell, Ted Cruz just proposed a bill to have El Chapo’s fortune pay for the wall, so it seems as though literally anything f*cking goes at this point.
So, wake the hell up Taco Bell and start serving beer to the customers who deserve it. You think you’d be able to pedal horse meat for half a century without the American public? I didn’t think so.
Via Financial Post:

Taco Bell Canada made the announcements Tuesday, saying it plans to more than triple in size over the next five to 10 years to 700 locations, from a current outlet count of 170 across the country.
The addition of beer to the menu comes after years of anemic fast-food sales in Canada, which averaged 1.8 per cent per year between 2011 and 2016, with so-called “fast-casual” chains accounting for the bulk of sales growth.
“Beer is something that goes well with Mexican food,” says Amanda Clark, general manager of Taco Bell Canada. The new concept will look and feel a bit more upscale, with local artwork on the walls, an open kitchen, and larger servings of some dishes so customers can share, Clark said, in addition to the core menu items.
“Sometimes, fast-food gets the rap of ‘get in and get out’,” Clark says. “The look and feel is going to be nothing like we’ve seen (at Taco Bell in Canada) before. We want people to stay a while. This will be a place to come in with your friends, enjoy shareable plates, and the environment will facilitate conversation and staying longer.”

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