Unsurprisingly, Al Pacino's 37-Year-Old Girlfriend Lucila Sola Is Quite Attractive (& So Is Her Daughter)

This is what you get when you are one of the greatest actors to ever live — you get to date girls that are 40 YEARS YOUR JUNIOR. Just for those who aren’t math wiz’s like I am — Pacino, 77, is more than TWICE as old as his 37-year-old girlfriend, Lucila Sola.
In terms of the OG legendary Italian actors — Pacino and Bob De Niro — Pacino has definitely handled his old age the better of the two. De Niro has been married since ’97, meanwhile, Pacino been slaying a chick who’s only 13 years older than me and 40 years younger than himself. That’s how you play the numbers, folks. That’s also how you wield your legend status.
And not only is Sola a certified smoke, but she SOMEHOW has an already-grown up daughter whose even better looking.
Because, her daughter, IMG model Camila Morrone, also happens to be in the top 1% of human genetics. Yet another example of the distribution of good genetics being way out of balance in this world.
Maybe I’m a little too woke on this one, but if I know Pacino, I wouldn’t be surprised if dating Sola was all just a means to an end of getting to her hotter, younger daughter. If anyone could pull it off, it’s Al Pacino.









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