Vanderbilt Football Team Makes Hilariously Accurate Sorority Recruitment Video

Everyone knows sorority girl recruitment videos are like on the Mount Rushmore of cringe. Even sorority girls themselves think they’re stupid, but they just go with it because they were brainwashed by while they were pledging love their sisters.
But yet every year, the internet is flooded with candy cutter videos of good looking sorority girls unnaturally prancing around and waving their spirit fingers and having the time of their lives in a recruitment video.
It is what it is.
So that’s why I appreciate the hell out of the Vanderbilt Football team for turning the tables on all the sorority chicks of the world and showing them how preposterous this bullshit tradition is.

And in case you need a little refreshing on how ridiculous (yet still hot) the actual recruitment videos are, check out some of the best ones below.

Our Boy Seth Rogen Joined A Fraternity
Our Boy Seth Rogen Joined A Fraternity
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