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Lluvia Carrillo: Hottest Photos Of The Mexican Weather Girl


Lluvia Carrillo is the latest Mexican weather girl to make the internet’s heart flutter. Tequila and gorgeous weather girls, that’s what Mexico does! The 23-year-old works for Televisa, and she has me seriously contemplating making a few upgrades to my cable package. Lluvia translates to rain in English, which is so goddamn fitting it’s unreal. It was her destiny to report on the weather and to look absolutely stunning while doing so.

I cannot recommend highly enough joining the roughly 126,000 people who follow Lluvia on Instagram. She’s constantly posting amazing pictures that you most definitely don’t want to miss. But if you’re going to try to romance her with some witty comments, I’ve got terrible news for you. Lluvia is engaged to professional soccer player Javier Aquino, who plays for Tigres UANL and the Mexican national team.

While that’s a major bummer, I do have a gallery of Lluvia’s hottest photos to boost your spirits. Things are looking up already!

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