COED's Stoner Guide To Everything 4/20

What’s that intoxicating aroma? That dank scent that smells more delightful than words. Yes, you’ve stumbled upon the cannabis cavern. And you’ve found “The Stoner’s Guide To 4/20.” It’s your handbook for all things weed, dope, ganja, grass, and/or whatever else the kids are calling it these days.

Let’s Roll Up Those Papers

How do you plan on celebrating your 4/20? Got the Bambu and blunt wraps ready? Of course, EZ Wider or Zig-Zag rolling papers will work just as fine. I just preferred the alliteration. But you won’t need to major in literature to roll up these bad boys (though it might help). Shakespeare would probably puff on that.

Oh, Sh*t. Is Pot Legal Here?

Getting ready to light up? But whoa, wait..what if I’m breaking the law? I know, dude. Life isn’t fair, and in the 21st century, you still can get thrown in jail for a bit of green magic.
But there are some states in the United States that have finally cut the tethers of pot prohibition. Find out if you’re in the clear to smoke that sticky icky. See the states who allowed marijuana to flow into the free market.

My Job Drug Tests: How Long Does this Sh*t Stay in My System?

Wow, dude. That kinda sucks. But don’t give up hope. They’re ways to bypass the system, but it takes time and energy. The best bet to pass the drug test is to ultimately play it safe and avoid 4/20. But many will risk it anyway to enjoy a day of cultural cannabis exaltation.
If you do end up caving to the green goodness, you may feel panic when that random drug test comes around. But if you’re a savvy stoner, you might just have read up on how to pass the test regardless.

¬†Where’s the 4/20 Memes At?

Want to laugh your ass off while you puff on that loud? Or maybe you don’t smoke pot, but you still love weed jokes. Well, I’ve got the hook-up. I put together the best memes, jokes, and images for all your 4/20 delights.
You’ll get pictures of choice nugs, dank puns, and plenty more fun.

Where Did 4/20 Come From?

Why April 20? What’s the significance of 4/20? Is it an ancient alien conspiracy?¬† What’s going on?! Well, for one thing, it has nothing to do with super-intelligent beings from outer space. Right?
I briefly touched upon the history of 4/20 in my memes piece. But I only felt the tip of the bong. You’ll need a definitive look into the backstory of this glorious day.

I’ll Let My Friends Smoke, I’ll Just Stick To The Brews. But I Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate Hangovers

Love your friends, but still not fond of the green ganja? Cannabis is slowly but surely creeping into the zone of social acceptability. But some people would prefer not to blaze, dab or ingest edibles. Beers and booze are already enough for you, and you don’t want to fund another expensive lifestyle.
But your friends who smoke weed are probably going to want to smoke as much as possible. To quote Dave Chappelle impersonating Rick James, “It’s a celebration, b*tches!”

Since your pals are all around blazing it up, you may try and keep up with the beers. This is not recommended because you’ll most likely wind up with a wicked hangover or worse.
And to those who smoke like a chimney on 4/20, you’ll probably feel it in the morning too.

Just Looking To Play Games?

What’re the best games to play on 4/20? It’s probably not Monopoly or that “Don’t Wake Daddy” board game I never got to play in the late ’90s. I’m not going to go the easy route and just suggest people play video games while they’re blazing, but by all means, if that’s what you want to do, no one’s stopping you.
Somehow, Trevor Noah from The Daily Show turned himself into a smoking game. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

4/20 Meaning: History & Origin Of National Weed Day 2018
4/20 Meaning: History & Origin Of National Weed Day 2018
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