The Internet Tracked Down The Stripper Carmelo Knocked Up: Meet Mia Burks

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and his wife LaLa have allegedly split up after she found out that Melo impregnated a dancer named Mia Burks, who is now reportedly six and a half months pregnant. In a tale as old as time, an athlete ruined his family life because he wanted to get a nut while he was on the road.
Coming after a remarkably disappointing season with the New York Knicks, as well as Phil Jackson suggesting that the team would be moving on from Melo, this news could not have come at a worse time for the Knicks’ embattled star. The dude has had a real rough April.
First, the Knicks closed out a wildly disappointing 2016-2017 campaign filled with losses, injuries, in-team fighting, and trade rumors.
Then, Carmelo was ranked as the 67th player in the league, a massive drop-off for the former supposed top five player. And if that wasn’t enough, Knicks president Phil Jackson came out and threw Melo under the bus, saying the team would be better off without him. But the misfortune didn’t end there for Melo, although to be fair, the final blow was all his doing. News broke that Carmelo and his wife LaLa had separated after it had been discovered that Carmelo impregnated a stripper, who is now six and a half months pregnant. And now, the internet has tracked her down.
Her name is Mia Burks, and while TMZ reports that she works at a gentleman’s club in New York City,  Fameolous says that Mia is a social worker, not a dancer.
Either way, it’s another bad look for a once great player who is tail-spinning into the end of his career.

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