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You might find yourself saying, “But Eric, Kate Upton never went anywhere.” Well, let me debunk that for you real quick. Here’s how much Kate Upton had fallen off: I wasn’t even following her on Instagram.
Quick little insight into the minds of dudes, but the main reason most of us even have an Instagram account is to follow all the world’s beautiful women. Throw in the fact that it’s kinda sorta part of my job to be on top of shit like this, and there’s really no reason I shouldn’t be following someone like Kate Upton.
Other than the fact that she lost her fastball. Which she had. She started dating Justin Verlander, packed on a couple of LBs, and lost a lot of her spotlight to proof of evolution that is Emily Ratajkowski.
But then I got this press release email from Spike about her upcoming appearance onĀ Lip Sync Battle, where she performs none other than “…Baby One More Time.”


Now, the ‘Baby One More Time’ outfit could look hot on almost anybody, but Kate has kinda the same look as Britney, only high-key thicccccer. It works — but one example doesn’t mean she’s making a comeback. We need some consistency.
And we got consistency, in the form of this fire Instagram.


So, yeah, pretty tough to argue with that one. Is Kate Upton going to all of a sudden make her way back on top of the world? Definitely not. But am I going to start following her on Instagram again?

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