Video Allegedly Shows Tennessee Recruit Trey Smith Assaulting Ole Miss Recruit Tony Gray

While none of this is confirmed, you have to imagine that if anyone is going to know about the circumstances surrounding the University of Tennessee football team, it’s going to be this guy:

It’s going to be the guy who runs a UT football fan account called VolBlood. So, is this guy’s word unequivocal fact? Of course not. But we’re going to take him at his word and roll with it.

The below video allegedly shows top University of Tennessee football recruit Trey Smith beating up University of Mississippi recruit Tony Gray.

Trey Smith delivering ass whoopings left and right.

— V⍟ʟBʟooᴅ (@volblood) April 16, 2017

According to the VolBlood Twitter account, Smith was allegedly angry with Gray for stealing something from him. The account also says this was before Smith was enrolled at Tennessee.

It was before he was enrolled. Bet that dude regrets stealing from him.

— V⍟ʟBʟooᴅ (@volblood) April 17, 2017

Trey Smith is a 6’6″, 299-pound offensive lineman from Jackson, Tennessee. He is the number one overall recruit in the state.

via ESPN

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