Indiana University Police Investigating Rape At Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House

Polie at Indiana University are investigating a reported rape at the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house.
The victim is a 21-year-old student, who reported the incident around 9:30 AM on Thursday, April 13. According to reports, the alleged rape happened on Wednesday, April 12, around 2:30 PM/ No information about a suspect has been released.
According to IU Police, this is the 7th reported forced sexual offense they are investigating this year. School police said as the temperature increases,  students are more likely to desire to party, binge drink, and do illegal drugs. Police are warning students to look out for friends during next weekends Little 500.
via Fox 59:

“Next weekend, we’ll have an emergency operations center set up where we’ll all be together and monitoring and being able to move resources around the community as needed,” Lt. Craig Monroe with IU Police said.
“We don’t actually have to do a report, we don’t need to pursue criminal charges, if the victim does not want that, but we will get you a pamphlet with some resources and try to get you medical and psychological attention,” Lt. Monroe added.

The university says if you feel you might be the victim of a sexual offense, you should contact police or another agency as soon as possible.
No further information about the case, victim, or suspect has been provided by the university police.

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