Jordan Peele Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Peele Worth Now?

Jordan Peele has a great mind for both comedy and horror. He can make you laugh and cringe all at the same time, no matter what genre he’s pursuing. His most recent film Get Out received tremendous reviews from fans and film critics alike. After hearing all the noise generated by those critics, I decided to watch the film myself, and believe me, you really need to see this movie.
Peele is a multi-talented magician of cinematic magic. He was also damn funny on MADtv and Key & Peele back in the day. Let’s see how much dough this guy holds.

Jordan Peele’s Net Worth as of 2019: $12 Million

Jordan’s net worth rolls in at a sweet $12 million. I can only imagine how much money he’ll have once all the checks from Get Out are deposited (if they aren’t already). Peele certainly has a bright future ahead of him. But let’s take a look at the years that helped transform this man into a story of success.

2002 – 2006

Jordan Peele Net Worth 2006

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Peele started his career doing improvisational comedy in Amsterdam and Chicago. In 2003, he was picked up as a cast member for the ninth season of MADtv. He met his future partner-in-comedy Keegan-Michael Key on the set of the show.
Key & Peele showed great comedic chemistry right off the bat. But Peele really shined through on MADtv because of his talent for impersonating celebrities. He parodied the likes of James Brown, Ja Rule, Morgan Freeman, Montel Williams, and even Big Bird. Yes, not even Sesame Street was safe from Jordan’s shtick.

2006 – 2008

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Did you know Key & Peele made a cameo in Weird Al Yankovic’s music video White & Nerdy? I must have missed that too back in the day.

Peele was nominated for an Emmy, back in 2008, for his song “Sad Fitty Cent.” It was a parody music video, shown on MADtv, which pokes fun at 50 Cent‘s beef with Kanye West (as I recall the beef stemmed from who can get the most album sales, and West won). But let’s get back to Peele now.
Jordan was involved in a viral video entitled “Hillary vs. Obama” on MADtv. He even auditioned for Saturday Night Live with the intention to play the role of President Obama on their show. Unfortunately for Peele, that part went to Fred Armisen of Portlandia fame.

2008 – 2015

Jordan Peele Net Worth 2015

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Peele left MADtv at the end of the 13th season. After five seasons of comedic contributions, Jordan gazed onward to future projects in the funny field.
Jordan secured a reoccurring role on the Adult Swim show Children’s Hospital. He also appeared in the 2012 film Wanderlust. That same year, he co-starred in a new sketch comedy series entitled Key & Peele. He was joined by former MADtv cast member Keegan-Michael Key.
Key & Peele lasted on Comedy Central from 2012 to 2015. The show was a personal favorite of former President Barrack Obama (no kidding).

2015 – Present

Jordan Peele Net Worth 2017

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Peele rejoined Key to create the 2016 film Keanu. Jordan co-starred and co-produced the film with his longtime friend Keegan-Michael Key.
But let’s get to the movie that has the film community buzzing. Of course, I’m talking about Get Out. This modern day classic has received a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes (99 percent). The film cost $4.5 million to make but garnered $177.6 million at the box office. That’s a whole lot of profit!
I promised myself that I wouldn’t spoil the film to my readers, so I won’t. Just watch it like I did a few hours ago. But first, let me wrap up this article.
Jordan Peele’s vision is bright in the valley of show business. His bank account is already loaded with millions, and we can only imagine the future fortunes that may come his way.



Jordan Peele would hope to have a stellar year with his name already among the list of nominees for 2018 Director’s Guild of America, one which he would love to win.
At the 90th annual Academy Awards, Peele’s film Get Out won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.


Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated new film “Us” will be releasing on March 22, one week later than it was supposed to be.

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