Chloë Grace Moretz Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Chloë Grace Moretz is a very stunning star. She’s known for her work in film, which goes all the way back to when she was a little girl. Now, Chloë is a woman that influences millions with her words and presence on screen. She’s accomplished so much at only 20-years-old.

At only seven-years-old, Ms. Moretz was already featured on the television screen. She was cast as Violet for two episodes of the CBS drama series The Guardian. Chloë then set her sights on cinema. She was cast in a litany of films, from The Amityville Horror all the way to Kick Ass (and Kick Ass 2).
Moretz has also dipped her ink into the realm of modeling. Her face has graced the covers of many magazines, including Flaunt, Vogue, Elle, InStyle, and so much more.

It’d be a bit much if I listed all her television and movies projects. But since I’m also a Stephen King fan, I’ll mention her lead role in the 2013 remake of his film Carrie. She really kicked ass in that one (unfunny pun intended).
Ms. Moretz decided to step away from the Hollywood limelight in September 2016. She told The Hollywood Reporter that, “I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again. I’m realizing that I can slow down.”
But don’t get upset, loyal reader. You’ll see this gorgeous star soon enough. She’ll be switching her focus back to the TV screen, as she plans to produce two new television shows. There are also three films currently in post-production, all starring the lovely Chloë Grace Moretz.

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