The Hottest WAGs of Baseball: 2017 Edition

Chicks dig the long ball, but you already knew that. Judging from these baseball WAGs, though, they also dig pitchers, catchers, and even retired baseball players. In fact, it seems as though baseball players have among some of the hottest wives and girlfriends of athletes in any sport. In fact, there are three Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models currently dating baseball superstars–more than any other sport. Kate Upton, Adriana Lima, and Hannah Davis Jeter, are all currently involved with hardball legends.
Probably the greatest new addition, though, is Alexandra Cooper, a stunning blonde dating Mets Pitcher/ Thor-lookalike: Noah Syndergaard. The Boston University soccer player took center stage when she was caught courtside with the Mets pitcher a few weeks ago, and people haven’t stopped talking about her since.
To see more of the hottest WAGs in baseball today, check out the photos below and click to see their galleries.

Rosario Dawson Photos: Must-See Pictures of Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson Photos: Must-See Pictures of Rosario Dawson
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