NCAA Gymnastics Championships 2017: Meet The Teams

Only the cream of the crop in the NCAA’s women’s gymnastics division have made it to Chaifetz Arena. These student-athletes will compete against the best teams from around the country. There are 12 teams that have made it to the big dance. Only one team can rise up as the 2017 NCAA Champion.
Which team will rise to the forefront this year? The Oklahoma Sooners won last year’s competition. The Georgia Gymdogs have won the most NCAA titles (10 overall). So, who could it be this time?
I’ll let you take a look at each team’s history, and you decide which team has the best chance of victory in 2017.

NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship 2017 Viewing Details

Date: Friday, April 14, 2017 – Saturday, April 15, 2017
Time (Semifinal Part I): 1:00 P.M. EST (Friday)
Time (Semifinal Part II): 8:00 P.M. EST (Friday)
Time (Super Six): 9:00 P.M. EST (Saturday)
Location: Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Missouri
TV Channel (Friday, Semifinals): ESPN2 (Check local listings.)
TV Channel (Saturday, Super Six): ESPNU
Live Stream: WatchESPN
Tickets: Get Tickets

Oklahoma Sooners’ Women’s Gymnastics Team
These girls from Oklahoma won the entire tournament last year. They’ve won two NCAA Gymnastics Championship in total (2016, 2014). In 2014, Taylor Spears won first place in that tournament’s balance beam competition.
The team with cream and crimson colors is hoping to capture first place once again.

Georgia Gymdogs Women’s Gymnastics Team
This team from the University of Georgia has an outstanding winning record. They’ve won 10 national championships in total. The Gymdogs are such a winning team that they’ve won the most tournaments in the last 20 years.
But the last time the Georgia Gymdogs won this tournament was way back in 2009. They’ll be looking to make a yuge comeback in 2017. Can the team in red and black win again?

UCLA Bruins Women’s Gymnastic Team

The team from UCLA is another squad with a great winning record. The Bruins won six national championships since 1997. However, The University of California has produced a winning gymnastics team since 2010.
Can the Bruins make a come back after lying in the dust for almost half a decade? The team that wears blue and gold is definitely going to try to win again.

Alabama Crimson Tide Women’s Gymnastics Team
The Crimson Tide has been red hot for years. They’re six-time NCAA National Champions. But that’s not all. They’re also eight-time SEC Champions, as well as record-breaking 29-time Regional Champions.
The Tide has been known for winning (a lot). However, they haven’t won a national championship since 2012. Will 2017 be different for the team wearing white and crimson?

Florida Gators Women’s Gymnastics Team

The Florida Gators may not have as many NCAA wins under their belt as The Crimson Tide or Bruins. But the Gators’ NCAA victories are much more recent, and while those teams are losing steam, the Gators are rising to the surface.
This Florida team has won three NCAA Championships in total (2013, 2014, and 2015). Up until last year, it seemed like there was no stopping the Gators. That’s until the Oklahoma Sooners silenced everyone else with a stellar performance and valiant victory.
Can the team wearing orange and blue pull off the win once again?

Utah Utes “Red Rocks” Women’s Gymnastics Team

Utah’s Red Rocks have always been super hot at gymnastics. They’ve won 10 national championships in total; one-time AIAW National Champions and nine-time NCAA Champions. They’re such a winning team that they’ve qualified for every single NCAA Championship tournament (the only team in the league to do so).
Can the team wearing red and white pull off the good fight? They haven’t won a national championship since 1995. That’s a huge drought for such a great team.

Oregon State Beavers Women’s Gymnastics Team

The Beavers are hungry for a win this Friday. Collectively, they’ve never won the NCAA Championship (as a team). But individually, members of the Beavers have won NCAA Championships during individual events such as the balance beam and national floor championships.
Can the team wearing orange and black pull off a championship victory?

Michigan Wolverines Women’s Gymnastics Team

The Wolverines have made it to the dance 22 times, but have never won it all. However, they are 12-time Regional Champions. They’re also former 21-time Conference Champions and 16-time Big Ten Champions.
Can the team wearing dark blue and the color of corn (maize) pull off their first NCAA Championship victory?

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Gymnastics Team

The Cornhuskers are another team with a rather dominant history. They are nine-time Big 12 Champions, a record that has never been duplicated or broken.
But that’s not all. This Nebraska team is also 11-time Big Eight Champions, 3-time Big 10 Champions, and 5-time NCAA Regional Champions.
Can the team wearing scarlet and cream win the big one?

LSU Tigers Women’s Gymnastics Team
The Tigers are the 2017 Conference Champions. The last time they won that title was way back in 1981. They’ve competed in the NCAA National Championship 33 different times, yet have never came out on top. They came closing to securing the NCAA Championship in 2016, but ended up in second place behind Oklahoma.
Can the team wearing purple and gold finally win a national championship?

Denver Pioneers Women’s Gymnastics Team

The Pioneers have never made it past 10th place in the NCAA Championship. However, they now have a hold of the Scholar Athlete of the Year in Leah Lomonte. Hopefully, Lomonte and her teammates can break past this lack of championship glory.
This Denver team wears crimson and gold. But are they bold enough to pull off the win?

Washington Huskies Women’s Gymnastics Team
The Huskies aren’t decorated with championships like the other teams. But they’ll definitely be hungry for a first time win in Chaifetz Arena.
Can the Washington team pull off a huge victory this weekend? Can the team in gold and purple become the new NCAA Champions?

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