Watching Chrissy Teigen Struggle To Put On A Jumpsuit Is A Real Treat

Chrissy Teigen had a little bit of trouble hopping into a sexy jumpsuit, and thankfully for all of us, this captivating event was recorded. Watch the supermodel have a helluva time trying to get her boobs to fit in a tight jumpsuit in the Instagram video below.

The struggle is real and it is also mesmerizing. It’s rare that somebody can whip the internet into a frenzy with two videos centered around their boobs twice in the span of one month, but Chrissy is no ordinary lady. We all fondly remember this clip of her boobs talking like an oil prospector from the South during her 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot.

From talking in ridiculous accents, to bouncing around in a jumpsuit, to modeling in bikinis, to starring in Valentine’s Day videos, Chrissy’s boobs always deliver. You just gotta tip your cap to such remarkable range and consistency. For more of Chrissy’s greatest hits, check out the posts below.

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