I’m going to start this article off with the declaration that if this was me, I’d change my name instantly. There is no way I’d want to spend the rest of my life with people asking me, ‘You serious?’ every time I introduce myself.

Just imagine being at a bar and having to introduce yourself to chicks as Isis Harambe. If you’ve got the ill game, you can try and sell it as self-deprecation, but otherwise, she’s going to think you’re kidding, and then she’s going to think you have a shitty sense of humor, ’cause anything involving ISIS just isn’t funny. It’s a lose-lose.

Via The Daily Dot:

When Spjut was born in 1998, a name like Isis Harambe—obscure as it may be—wouldn’t make anyone think twice. And her parents had reasons for choosing it.

“My parents, when I was born, they were both Rastafarians, and so my mom kinda picked my first name, and ‘Isis’ was a Bob Dylan song, along with the Egyptian goddess, and then Harambe means ‘Harmony’ in Swahili, and my Dad picked my middle name,” she explains.

To be honest, she kinda of looks like an Isis Harambe, ya know?

I was talking to someone and didn't believe her when she told me her name.

Dear Internet, please don't break. pic.twitter.com/vxsTZwwvZg

— Andre Golo (@AndreGoLow) April 9, 2017

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