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UFC’s Michelle Waterson Gives Her Take On Controversial Breast Implant Rules


(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Boobs are the best. If I had to make a top three ranking of┬áthe best, purest things in the world, it would include breasts, dogs and sushi in some order. Unfortunately, the UFC isn’t as gung ho about melons as I am. The MMA organization gave fighter Pearl Gonzalez a lot of grief before finally clearing her to fight with breast implants. That didn’t sit well with fellow fighter Michelle Waterson AKA The Karate Hottie.

Waterson did not appreciate the way the UFC handled the situation with Gonzalez and she believes all women with breast implants should be allowed to fight. Finally, a cause that can unite the masses and put an end to the dissension and madness that divides us. Huzzah!

The New York State Athletic Commission carried out a review into Gonzalez prior to UFC 210 after learning she had implants, but ultimately allowed to to fight.

Waterson, who will be facing off against Rose Namajunas this weekend at UFC on FOX, doesn’t believe implants are an issue as long as fighters continue to make weight.

The Athletic Commission maintains that it is keeping the fighter’s health in mind when it comes to this, err, bumpy situation. It’s possible that the Commission believes a popped implant is a real possibility in a combat sport. But Waterson isn’t phased.

I can’t say that I know the exact logistics behind fake boobs, but I can say that they belong in the Octagon, in the office and anywhere else we can get them.

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