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OU Putting Greek Life Through ‘Unlearning’ Workshops, Where They Will Discuss Racism, Sexism, & Classism


The University of Oklahoma will be holding a set of workshops for OU students in Greek life to “learn about social issues affecting their organizations and the university.”

The workshops, called “Unlearning: Workshops for the Greek Community,” will give students the opportunity to discuss racism, sexism, and classism. The workshops begin on April 7.

Like most (?) reasonable people, I’m all in on equality and tolerance. But there becomes a point where the PC nature of the world becomes too much.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually think a workshop like this is a good idea. We could all be more educated on the intricacies on race, class, and gender. But what I don’t understand is why it’s targeted at those in Greek life.

As both a white male and someone who was in a fraternity, I can promise you that my potential cluelessness or unintentional ignorance has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I joined a fraternity. I know a bunch of dudes who are far more intolerant than I, frat bro or not.

Via OU Daily:

The workshops, originally a pilot program in spring 2016, are a joint effort between OU Student Affairs, the OU Women’s and Gender Studies program and the Center for Social Justice, said Kylie Frisby, public relations and marketing coordinator at OU Career Services.

“It came out of just discussions with greek students saying, ‘We feel like these are things in our community, within the whole OU community, and we want to know how to combat them and how to deal with those things,'” Frisby said.

While OU students also currently go through the Freshmen Diversity Experience, these voluntary workshops will target students who never received those trainings and will be more tailored toward greek environments, Frisby said. If students attend four sessions to cover each of the topics and complete OU’s LGBTQ Ally training, they can become a certified Diversity Ally, Frisby said.

Students who attend will hear from both student affairs employees and professors with the option of staying for an hour-long discussion after each two-hour workshop.

To sign up for the workshop and check out a more detailed schedule, check out the website here.

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