Washington State Football Player Tried To Use Counterfeit Money, Got Tased By Police

Treshon Broughton is a senior at Washington State University, who just finished up his last season as a member on the Cougars football team. Although he was a cornerback, he was not able to use his speed to get out of a sticky situation this past winter. On February 18, Broughton tried to buy a lighter with a fake $20 bill at a liquor store, and the employees weren’t fooled in the slightest.
The liquor store called the police and officer Shane Emerson arrived on the scene. This is when Broughton’s night went from bad to worse. Here’s The Spokane-Review with the details on Broughton’s arrest.

Emerson asked Broughton for his ID, but he refused to cooperate and the officer suspected he might run, according to the report. Emerson grabbed Broughton’s arm and tried to place him in handcuffs, but Broughton resisted and threw his arms in the air, questioning why he was under arrest, the report states.
Emerson wrote in the report that Broughton appeared drunk and there was the smell of liquor on his breath. He wrote, “I did not feel comfortable with his resistance and felt it was prudent to fully detain him.”
A second officer, Alex Gordon, arrived and ordered Broughton to comply, but he refused, according to the report.
“Officer Gordon attempted to place Broughton into a lateral vascular neck restraint and Broughton was able to get out of his hold,” Emerson wrote. “We took Broughton to the ground and he remained on his knees, pushing up with his arms. For the record, Broughton was a member of the 2016 WSU football team and from my training and experience appeared exceptionally strong.”
The grappling continued and, at one point, Broughton rolled on top of Emerson, according to the report. After issuing a warning that Broughton ignored, Gordon deployed his Taser into Broughton’s upper back, the report states. Emerson then pinned Broughton to the ground and put on handcuffs.

All this over a goddamn lighter??? Those things cost like two bucks, and if you’re totally broke, you can just grab matches for free from a 7-Eleven. There are very few causes worthy of getting tased and arrested for and a liquor store lighter is certainly not one of them.
Broughton has since been released from jail, but he made his stay there quite memorable. The 22-year-old yelled and screamed like a maniac, stripped down to his underwear, and flooded his cell.
For his wild night, Broughton is facing charges of resisting arrest and obstructing a law enforcement officer. These are both gross misdemeanors, while flooding your cell with toilet water is just plain gross.

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