Tiffany Li: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Murder Suspect

A California murder suspect is expected to be released today, after raising an incredible amount of money to post bail. Tiffany Li was able to raise over $60 million from wealthy friends, family, and business associates in China.
Update 4/7/17: Tiffany Li was officially released from prison yesterday. “Nothing about this seems right,” said Angela Dunn, a close friend of the deceased. Angela says that Green’s mother is taking his death very hard. Dunn had allowed Mr. Green to live in her home for six months prior to his death.

What Happened?

The 31-year-old Hillsborough resident is accused of orchestrating the murder of 27-year-old Keith Green. She is accused of ordering her boyfriend and another man to kill Green and dispose of his body. Green’s body was found in May with a bullet wound to the neck 80 miles north of Li’s suburban San Francisco mansion.
Li has pleaded not guilty. The victim is her former boyfriend and the father of her two children.

Her bail was set at $35 million, which is the highest amount for bail in San Mateo County history.
You think $35 million sounds like a lot? Well, Tiffany was able to raise even more money behind bars. Many wealthy people, tied to Li’s mother, raised $4 million in cash and pledged $61 million in San Francisco Bay property (15 properties in total, according to court records).
According to California law, courts require twice the amount of money if a property is used to post bail. This explains why she ended up paying even more than the record-setting amount.
Li’s mother achieved tremendous financial success in China’s construction industry, which explains how Tiffany was able to raise so much money.
San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe is concerned that Li may flee when she’s released. His office originally requested her bail be set at $100 million. “If convicted she faces the rest of her life in prison,” Wagstaffe said. “That’s plenty enough incentive to flee back to her native China.”

Tiffany was arrested in May 2017. Police apprehended Ms. Li in her multi-million dollar home in Hillsborough, where she lived with her children.
The two male suspects remain behind bars and have not requested bail. They are not in the financial situation of Tiffany Li, as they are unable to raise millions of dollars to post bail.
When released, Tiffany must turn over her passports, wear an electronic monitor, and remain under house arrest. Her attorney George Carr noted that the people who donated money for Li’s bail believe that the 31-year-old suspect is innocent and will not flee.
Li’s jury trial date is set for September. If Tiffany does escape the country, the court is likely to confiscate all property and cash used to post bail.

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