Tough Times Continue For Shia LaBeouf, Gets Kicked Out Of Bowling Alley For Screaming Like A Lunatic

Shia LaBeouf has hit a bit of a rough patch lately. It seems that practically every day he’s in the news, and the stories are virtually always negative. Just yesterday, it was reported that Shia’s new movie Man Down has sold a paltry three tickets in the United Kingdom. There’s a chance the film’s UK run will end with roughly $26 dollars in sales, which is a total that’s more in line with lemonade stands than movies.

I guess Shia was feeling stressed out from Man Down’s disappointing box office performance, so he decided to take his anger out on some bowling pins on Wednesday night. According to TMZ, Shia was throwing back beers for three hours at the Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City, California. He then got into a heated argument over french fries with a bartender and was asked to leave the alley.
You can check out footage of Shia screaming at the supposed “racist” in the videos below.

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As much as I enjoyed the yelling, I think Shia running down the street was my favorite part of the videos. Watching him hold his shoes in his hands and make a mad dash away from the bowling alley was such a ridiculous visual.
If I’m Shia, I’m spinning this incident as research for a remake of The Big Lebowski. Just say that you were preparing for the role of Walter Sobchak and somebody went over the line. Mark it zero!

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