FGCU Students Brought A Dead Alligator Into Their Dorm To Take Pictures Of It Because 2017

There are times I feel bad about the amount of heat Florida catches on the internet. As someone from New Jersey, I can relate to the outside world having a negative perception of your entire state. But most times, I don’t feel bad because Florida is just… different.
The latest example comes from Florida Gulf Coast University, where some students took a dead alligator from outside and brought it into their dorm room to take pictures of it. When I was a freshman, I was rushing fraternities, trying to get laid, smoking grav bongs in my dorm room, you know, normal shit. But not Florida. No, in Florida they find the nearest dead animal carcass and bring it to their dorm room for a photo shoot.
To Florida’s credit, the adults didn’t find it too funny either and the three FGCU students involved were given a warning by the university.
Via News-Press:

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sent an officer to FGCU after getting a call from school police about the alligator.
“They just found it on the side of the road and thought it would be fun to take some photos with it,” said Brian Norris, an FWC spokesman.

 FWC took possession of the carcass.”It was actually a road kill alligator that they found and that was confirmed by the officer examining the carcass,” Norris said. “It was very clear evidence of it being road kill.”
The FWC gave the three students warnings for possession of an alligator without proper permits, which is, when you think about it, the most Florida thing ever, because that implies that you indeed can fill out some sort of paperwork to ‘possess an alligator.’

Florida, man.

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