Funny Baby Pictures: 10 Kids Who Hate Their New Sibling

Having siblings is typically a great thing in life. In a sibling, you usually have a life long friend who always has your back no matter what. They are your confidante and support system through think and thin. More importantly, you also have someone who’s probably a match should you need a kidney. You see, the benefits are endless.

But when you’re young, a new sibling might be less than ideal. I have an older brother who asked my parents if they could send me back to the hospital after just four weeks. And I get it. As a little kid, you don’t want some snot-nosed little baby cutting in on your attention, your toys and your play time. Totally a normal reaction to be a little peeved at the new kid.

That’s why we respect these little kids who are making their feelings known to all. They don’t like their new baby sibling and they are not going to be shy about it. Sure, in a few years they’ll probably be the best of friends, but for now you better get that stupid baby out of their faces!

Check out all the hilarious pictures above.

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