Meet Erica Stoll, The Girl Who Got A 27-Year-Old Golfer Worth $200 Million To Settle Down

As a regular guy, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around a super rich, world-famous golfer settling down in his 20s. Our man Rory McIlroy is worth about a cool $200 million at the age of 27. If that was me, I’d have one girlfriend for every million dollars in my bank account. Sorry, it’s just the truth. Love is eternal, but youth isn’t, so you gotta get your home runs in while you’re in your prime.

But I’m not Rory McIlroy, so it’s not up to me. Besides, when you’ve wifed up a girl like Erica Stoll, it’s hard to hate on the guy. I mean, the chick works for the PGA, she’s gorgeous and she obviously loves golf. If I were a golfer, I imagine I’d be looking for a similar combination.

Via Independent:

The quick-thinking 27-year-old famously came to the golfer’s rescue at the Ryder Cup October 2012 when she noticed he was not on site for the final day of the competition.

Rory from Holywood, Co Down, narrowly avoided missing disqualification after mixing up his tee time and was given a police escort to the course after the blonde beauty came to his rescue.

“Rory and Erica obviously have been linked in the headlines for all the right reasons already but they seem to have hit it off even more since. It’s been kept quiet but they have stayed in contact and they meet up when he is in America.

“The fact that she has a big interest in golf is an important factor – and it’s not just a case that she has sparked an interest in the game since meeting Rory. In fact she is every bit as obsessed with golf as him.”

So, while I would never pull this move as a multi-hundred-millionaire, I can’t hate on the guy for doing it. Love is love, and besides, golf sucks, so finding someone who loves it as much as you do has got to be pretty tough.

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