Man Wearing 'Drunk Lives Matter' Shirt Arrested For… DUI!

Elwood Gutshall, a 44-year-old Pennsylvania man, was arrested for driving under the influence while wearing a t-shirt that read “Drunk Lives Matter.”
According to the Newville police department, Gutshall, who was driving a Ford pick-up truck, was pulled over after an officer saw him commit multiple traffic violations.
Gutshall was then arrested after police determined that he was under the influence of alcohol. A test of Gutshall’s blood showed that his BAC was at .217, which is nearly three times the legal limit. Gutshall was charged with a pair of DUI counts and cited for several traffic violations.
Via Newville Police Facebook:

On 3/19/2017 at approx. 00:15hrs the Newville Police Dept. observed a green Ford pickup committing multiple traffic violations. The vehicle was subsequently stopped and the driver was identified as Elwood R Gutshall III (44) of Newville, PA. After subsequent investigation it was determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol beyond what he could safely operate a motor vehicle. Gutshall was taken into custody and taken to the Cumberland County Booking Center for a legal blood draw. Gutshall’s BAC returned at .217% and he is charged with DUI Highest Rate, driving under DUI suspension, and traffic violations.

According to PA court records, Gutshall has prior DUI convictions and a 2009 guilty plea to simple assault.

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