Lilian Garcia Is The Only Part Of The WWE That’s Still As Good As The Old Days


Of all the things in my life, I sound the oldest when I talk about WWE.

You know what I mean. I sound like a cranky old man rocking away on his porch. ‘It was better in my day!’ type shit.

But in the case of WWE, or in my day WWF, it’s true. It was better back in the day and there’s a tangible reason why. Somewhere around, I don’t know, 2005, the WWE decided it wanted to be more marketable towards children, and since then, it just hasn’t been the same.

The colors are brighter and the stars are cornier. The WWE has lost its edge. However, there are still some holdovers from the Attitude Era, one of which is none other than ring announcer Lilian Garcia.

For those who didn’t know, this how long Lilian’s been around (Side note: Imagine if the WWE ran this today. People would be INCENSED):

Lilián Garcia, who is now FIFTY years old, is a Spanish ring announcer and singer best known for her time with the WWE. During her tenure in WWE, she became the first WWE Diva to remain with the promotion for ten years.

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