This 19-Year-Old FIU Student Was Running A High-Class Prostitution Ring And…Wow

Three Florida International University students have been arrested and accused of running a high-class prostitution ring. One of the girls, 19-year-old Samara Charlotin, was arrested on March 29 at the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables outside of Miami.

What Happened?

Samara Charlotin, 19, was arrested in mid-March by an undercover police officer who says he he arranged to have sex with Charlotin and another girl in exchange for $5,000. The cop also asked the girls if he could have sex without a condom for more money. The pair agreed in principal and were arrested shortly afterward. The girls were also charged with possession of marijuana and oxycotin.
A judge told Charlotin, “You’re a smart girl, if you want to live to see age 20, you need to find a new line of employment. A very risky thing you were doing, for somebody with a lot of potential such as yourself. Maybe it is a good thing you got arrested. Maybe you will change your way…lead a new path. Focus on school. You’ll do well.”

Along with Charlotin, Acacia Jerico Friedman (23) and Maury Noun (21) were also arrested.

Who Is Samara Charlotin?

Charlotin is a 19-year-old student at Florida International University where she majors in biology and minors in criminal justice. In May 2015, she was voted as biggest flirt by her senior class at Coral Reef Senior High School. CBS Miami reports that a “tearful family member” was present in court during Charlotin’s appearance. She was released on $9,000 bond.
Charlotin had an active page where she was regularly hit with questions about sex and sexuality. When asked if she would ever have sex with a female, Charlotin responded “maybe.” She says that her mother is Indian and Jamaican and her father is Haitian.

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