Huge Brawl Broke Out At McDonald's All-American Game

At last night’s McDonald’s All-American Game, the West prevailed over the East 109-107. But even though the game was obviously very close, the real excitement took place in the stands. Who cares about high school basketball superstars when you can watch a dozen morons get into a wild brawl? Now THAT’s entertainment!
Check out the United Center throwdown in the video below.

That was pretty much exactly what I was expecting when I clicked play. We had plenty of screaming, haymakers, and shoddy camera work, which is the trifecta of everything you typically see during sporting event fight videos.
Via Sun-Times High School Sports, here’s what the game organizers had to say about the incident.

“Naturally, we are disappointed by this kind of activity, which runs counter to the spirit of the McDonald’s All-American Games. But we are equally grateful to the United Center Security team and the Chicago Police for restoring order. We refer all further questions to the Chicago Police.”

Prior to last night, the McDonald’s All-American Game hadn’t been held at Chicago’s United Center since 2011. And after that debacle, it’s safe to say that they shouldn’t hold their breath for the game to return anytime soon.
But on a lighter note, I saw this video on Twitter yesterday of Shaq from the 1989 McDonald’s All-American Game. Now that he’s been retired for awhile, I feel like there’s younger basketball fans who don’t realize just how dominant this dude was. What a goddamn monster.

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