Madison Beer: Hottest Photos On The Internet

To be honest, I’m still shook from the news a couple weeks ago that Justin Bieber is actually a giant reptilian creature. Just like Dave Chappelle refused to believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile based on the fact that he made Thriller, I refuse to believe Bieber is an ancient lizard person because he made Sorry.

Reptilian or not, the dude’s been slaying for years now. It’s to the point that it’s actually becoming less impressive? If that’s even possible?

Take Madison Beer for example, who the tabloids call Bieber’s ‘protege,’ proving they are actually all idiots, because Bieber is totally hitting. Yes, she gained recognition after Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a video of her singing, but you’re fooling yourself if you think he didn’t slide in those DMs.

Beebs, I don’t care how hot she is, she JUST turned 18. You’re the biggest pop star in the world. If I’m you, I’m swinging for models 10 years my senior. He’s done it before and he can do it again. Enough with the child’s play (literally).

Is she bad as hell? Yeah. But should the Biebs be swinging way higher? You bet your ass.

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