British Teacher Gets Suspended Over 'Sultry' Selfie & This School Needs To Lighten Up

There’s a lot, A LOT of things I like about living in modern times: butt wipes, being able to watch Netflix on my phone while I commute, having a job where I can work from bed and not out in the cornfields 13 hours a day, etc., etc.
But for everything great about 2017, there are just as many things that suck, one of which being that we live in the age of political correctness. I mean, shit, apparently now Santa Clause is a gay, black dude. Which is totally fine with me, but at what point are we going to inconvenience ourselves for the sake of political correctness? Did the guy who wrote the gay, black Santa Clause book even consult any gay or black men on whether they wished Santa was gay.
Personally, I don’t give a shit, because — spoiler alert — Santa is fake, but the point I’m making is that we changed the origin of a centuries-old character just to appease a group of people we aren’t even sure needed appealing anyway.
This all circles back to the fact that we’re living in an age of hypersensitive political correctness, so much so, that a simple teacher can’t post pictures in her private life.
I take you across the pond, where Lydia Ferguson, a mother of three, was reportedly put on leave after school officials came across a picture they considered ‘sultry’ and ‘provocative’ on Facebook.
According to the Daily Star, students allegedly recorded her eight-minute ‘dressing down’ (I don’t know what this is slang for — damn Brits) on their phones. Furthermore, they are now campaigning to get her reinstated at Ousedale School in Newport Pagnell, Bucks.
Via Daily Star:

Miss Ferguson’s selfie showed her in a white dress sat posed on the edge of a bed and was posted on Facebook. Pupils have now launched a petition called “Get Miss Ferguson Back”, reports the Milton Keynes Citizen.
“There is nothing wrong with the photo at all. We think Miss looks lovely,” said one pupil. Another added: “Miss Ferguson was saying she didn’t think there was anything wrong with the photo. All it was showing was a bit of leg.”

Miss Ferguson, who is a part of the pastoral care team at the school, defended herself on her Facebook page, asking friends if they considered the photo “inappropriate.”
Ferguson added, “I am not worried about my pics. But it seems some people are.”

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