Luke Maye Hits Buzzer Beater To Send UNC To The Final Four, Shows Up At His 8 A.M. Class

Welp, I’m now officially rooting against UNC because F*CK this dude Luke Maye. Thanks for winning my friends and I a couple hundred bucks the other night, but I just can no longer call myself a fan in good conscience.
After hitting a wet buzzer beater to send the University of North Carolina to their record-setting 20th final four, most normal college kids would go out and party their asses off. But not Luke Maye.
Luke Maye could have probably had more sex last night then he had in his previous 20-some odd years combined. And WHAT does he decide to do? He decides to get a good night’s sleep and show up to his 8:00 A.M. the next morning like a legitimate psychopath.
Look, man, most people can’t make it to a Monday 11:00 A.M. class, let alone an 8:00 A.M.,  so you showing up after putting the school on your back does nothing but make everyone else look bad. We get it, you’re a super driven college athlete who takes his grades seriously. Quit showing off.

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