WATCH: The Undertaker Gave The Texas Longhorns Football Team A Dope Pep Talk

If you grew up in the 1990’s then you love The Undertaker. If you don’t think he’s The Man, then we don’t want you as a millennial.
If The Undertaker wasn’t awesome enough already, he just improved his stock ten-fold. The WWE superstar hung out with the Texas Longhorns football team to impart some words of wisdom on the young men. Now that might sound strange considering that The Undertaker’s character is an undead wizard who gained supernatural abilities thanks to a black magic cult and a ritualistic sacrifice and then became a biker-loving rocker. But, hey, who cares what he may or may not know about football, he’s THE UNDERTAKER!
Here’s the clip via Sports Illustrated:
It may not be quite as impressive as him making a surprise appearance in full Undertaker gear to rile up the Cleveland Cavaliers, but these kids are 18-22. It’s all good.
Coach Tom Herman made sure to release his inner fan boy and snap a pic with the legendary wrestler rocking the Hook ‘Em Horns.
For the record, Undertaker attended Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth but dropped out after a few years to focus on wrestling (and society is better because of it). Undertaker will take on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

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