Arianny Celeste Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

I always thought that the UFC ring girls were interchangeable, but according to the internet, apparently Arianny Celeste is the best. With that being my ‘you learn something new everyday’ of the day, I can now shut off my brain until tomorrow. Sweet.

Anyway, this Arianny chick is actually named Penelope López Márquez. Not sure who her agent is, but that’s a far more memorable and recognizable name than Arianny Celeste, which in all seriousness, I have zero clue if I’m pronouncing it correctly (Aer-e-on-e? Sell-es-tee?).

But we aren’t here for an English lesson in pronunciation, we’re here for the gorgeous UFC model who was skinny dipping in Mexico. I can’t link those here, but hit up The Google Machine and I’m sure you’ll find. Also, pro tip, she’s been in Playboy, so Google your ass off.

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