ULTRA MIAMI Spring Break 2017: Must-See Photos & Videos









ULTRA Music Festival is about to turn Miami upside down.
The historic music festival will run from March 24-26 and should include some wild parties all week long. If you want the full spring break experience that you see in all of the movies and on television, ULTRA is the only way to go. Miami will be packed with semi-naked bass babes, kandi wearing ravers, and all of the music you could possibly ask for.
Not only do you get to see a pretty amazing show and experience one of the best dance music festivals in the world, you get to do it in paradise. The event will take place in Bayfront Park and will kick off on Friday at around 4:00 P.M.


Headliners include artists that range from Ice Cube and Cypress Hill to Hardwell, Justice, and Bro Safari. Even though the event is sold out, tickets are still floating around on Stubhub and various other websites.
They typically run around $350 or more so while it may be quite a large percentage of most paychecks, the stories and memories you create there will last a lifetime.


Be safe out there all you party animals

Adios, John Thompson; Georgetown Coach Out After 13 Seasons
Adios, John Thompson; Georgetown Coach Out After 13 Seasons
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