Sanaa Lathan Photos: Must-See Pictures Of 'Shots Fired' Star

Sanaa Lathan, 45, is an American actress and voice actress who is the star of FOX’s all new drama Shots Fired.
The New York City native attended Yale School of Drama before scoring small roles in big movies such as BladeLife, The Best Man and The Wood. However, Lathan’s true breakout role came in 2000’s Love & Basketball. The film only made $27 million off of a $20 million budget, but has since become a bit of niche favorite.
Here’s the official synopsis for Lathan’s new show, Shots Fired.

A small North Carolina town is turned on its head when a black police officer kills an unarmed white college student. As tensions rise along lines of race, the neglected murder of a black teen is brought to light, reopening old wounds. Investigator Ashe Akino and Special Prosecutor Preston Terry lead the Department of Justice’s inquiry into both shootings, pulling back layers to reveal a possible cover-up that appears to involve some of the state’s most powerful people, including Gov. Patricia Eamons, whose re-election fight is made tougher by the incidents.

In preparation for Lathan’s return to the small screen, we’ve put together a gallery of the gorgeous and talented actress. Check it out above.

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