Uh, Yeah, Megan Fox Is Definitely Back





Some of you young bloods may not remember this, but there was a time when Megan Fox was the hottest chick in the world. The Emily Ratajkowski of 2007, if you will.
However, after getting married and pregnant, combined with not being all that great of an actress, Megan Fox faded out of the spotlight and seemingly into anonymity.
Well, not exactly. Turns out the legendary smoke used both her brains and her beauty to sign a partnership deal with the lingerie brand Frederick’s Of Hollywood.
Fox will be serving as an ambassador, creative collaborator, co-owner, and clearly most importantly, a model.

“I am so excited to reveal my first Frederick’s of Hollywood campaign,” Fox said in a statement. “Shooting in beautiful lingerie alongside Ellen von Unwerth was such a great opportunity. I cannot wait for fans to see the new collection.”


The fact is, Megan Fox will always be near and dear to my heart. She peaked up during my puberty years and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

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