Kendall Jenner Coming In Hot With The Photo Shoot Of The Year For La Perla

Besides just getting robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, it’s got to be nice to be Kendall Jenner.
Widely regarded as the most sane of the Kardashian empire, Kendall can also boast that she’s the most natural. While her sister Kylie is using the marvels of modern medicine to become attractive, Kendall has always been supermodel gorgeous.
The 21-year-old bombshell’s latest campaign is with lingerie giant La Perla, and the photo shoot is as hot as they come.

A spokesperson for La Perla said:

“Kendall is the new star of this campaign and was personally selected by La Perla’s creative director, Julia Haart to interpret the highly innovative path that the brand has set out on.
Kendall’s contemporary charisma adds an unmistakable touch to every garment, simultaneously highlighting the modernity and the relaxed, self-assured elegance of each piece she wears.”

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