Jessica Stroup: Hottest Photos Of The 'Iron Fist' Actress

Jessica Stroup is not just any 30-year-old actress living in Los Angeles (she actually has work). Stroup has certainly came a long way since her days growing up in North Carolina. Now, the bright lights of Hollywood are home to this rising star.
For over a decade, Stroup has appeared and starred in numerous movies and TV shows, ranging from 90210 to The Hills Have Eyes 2. That’s a mega-huge contrast right there. That’s going from the luxurious Beverly Hills to hills crawling with murderous mutants.
During the early part of Jessica’s career, independent horror films seemed to be her specialty. Stroup earned the title of “scream queen” for all those crazy and corny horror films. Besides The Hills Have Eyes 2, she’s starred in Prom Night, Vampire Bats, and Left in Darkness.
Most recently, she landed a role on the Netflix superhero series Iron Fist. She plays Joy Meachum, the childhood acquaintance of the title character. The full season of Iron FistĀ was released on Netflix on March 17. You can binge watch all 13 episodes right now if you want. You can also binge on the photo gallery up above (but I don’t have to tell you that).

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