Jessica Henwick: Hottest Photos Of The 'Iron Fist' Actress

Jessica Henwick is a 24-year-old actress from Surrey, England. Her mother is Singaporean-Chinese and her father is Zambian-English, which is a pretty badass combination. Jessica’s first role was a major one, as she starred as Bo in the British children’s show Spirit Warriors. The show ran for 10 episodes in 2010.
After getting her start in show business, Jessica would have no trouble booking parts. Some of her most notable roles up to this point in her career have been as Amy Lang in Silk (2014), Jessika Pava in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), and Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones (2015-Present). She’s also done radio work, playing Helen in North by Northamptonshire (2011-2012).



But the whole reason this post is being written is because of Jessica’s latest role, where she starred as Colleen Wing in the superhero series Iron Fist. The show’s first season consists of 13 episodes, and it made its debut on Netflix on March 17, 2017. Wing runs a martial arts dojo, and I’d take karate lessons from her any day of the week.

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