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Pilar Sanders: Hottest Photos On The Internet


Normally, I’d be the guy to call Odell an idiot and say that he should be out smashing all the 20-something groupies that are in love with him and save the 40-year-olds for when he’s retired, but after taking a look at Pilar Sanders, it’s impossible to hate.

Pilar Sanders is a 42-year-old fitness model who also just so happens to be none other than Deion ‘Primetime’ Sanders’ ex-wife.

Via Terez Owens:

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was having a tough time deciding between the girl he was with, Pilar Sanders, ex wife of former NFL star Deion Sanders, and the dude on stage last night in Paris at the Drake concert. We know OBJ is Drake’s #1 roadie, maybe he’s finally moving on. OBJ and Pilar Sander is an interesting 1-2 punch. Our source tells us this has been happening on the low down for a little while. Our source tells us, “Pilar really likes Odell’s energy, she enjoys spending time with him, makes her feel young and alive” says our source. This is an unlikely couple.

Tough loss for Deion Sanders. All the more reason for Odell to stick to the young ones WHILE he’s young. There’s always going to be some young gun to steal your girl.

All that said, tough to say no to someone who looks like this, regardless of age. Pilar Sanders could pass for 32 if she really wanted to.

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