Pro Tip: Buy Your GF One Of These Bikinis From Kulani Kinis & Thank Me Later

They say money can’t buy love or happiness, but I’m here to tell you that’s a load of garbage. Money can buy tons of happiness – a vacation, a puppy, alcohol, more alcohol, another puppy. Need I say more?
Now, I’m no dating guru, but I do know that spoiling your leading lady every now and then is good for all parties. She will be excited to receive a random gift out of the blue, and you’ll be thanked ahem, many times over.
Luckily for you, I already know what you can get her. You’re welcome. Our friends over at Kulani Kinis create cute AF bathing suits, and the best part is, they’re inexpensive – aka perfect for a college student’s budget. With spring break in full force, you can surprise your SO with one (or more) of these suits and give her compliments once she wears it them. Brownie points!
Kulani Kinis was founded in 2015 by two Australian “wanderlust spirits,” Dani and Alex. After initially pursuing a different career, Dani found her true passion in designing. What started as a side hustle grew into a business that has now been seen in retailers throughout the world. Not bad.
Check out Dani’s full interview on our sister site, College Candy, and again… you’re welcome!

This post is sponsored by Kulani Kinis, a sponsor of Miss COED 2017
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