Bring These Adidas Sunglasses On Spring Break & Look Baller AF

Spring break is (finally) upon us, so it’s time to gather your belongings and hit the beach. The only thing worse than getting sh*tfaced and uhh, paying for it later, is looking like a hot mess while doing so. Luckily, Adidas has got your back.

The Miss COED 2017 sponsor donated not one, but TWO pairs of glasses and/or goggles to our winner (s/o to Maggie). And although you don’t get them for free – sorry ’bout it – we’re still nice enough to share this info with you so you can score a pair (or five) for yourself. You’re welcome.

Take a look through the gallery above – they come in men’s and women’s styles!- and get shopping. After all, it’s ~almost Friday~ and you deserve it.

This post is sponsored by Adidas Sport Eyewear, a sponsor of Miss COED 2017

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