Restaurant Promises Free Steaks For Entire Northern Kentucky Student Body If They Upset Kentucky

If you haven’t filled out your bracket yet and are looking for an upset to set you apart from the pack, I’ve got some great news for you. Jeff Ruby owns a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he is promising free steaks to Northern Kentucky’s entire student body if their basketball team upsets Kentucky on Friday, March 17. Talk about motivation. That’s 15,000 steaks, so Northern Kentucky is going to be all sorts of jacked up, balling out of their minds like the Tune Squad hopped up on Michael’s Secret Stuff.

It certainly won’t be an easy task for the Norse, as Kentucky is ranked #6 in the country and looks primed for yet another deep tournament run. But it’s not too unheard of for a 15-seed to knock off a 2-seed, though. It’s happened eight times since the NCAA Tournament field expanded to 64 teams in 1985, including Florida Gulf Coast beating Georgetown in 2013 and Middle Tennessee topping Michigan State in 2016.

I’m pretty sure that sound you just heard was Ron Swanson rushing to enroll in some night classes at Northern Kentucky. Better safe than sorry.

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