By Pairing Emily Ratajkowski & A Dog, DKNY May Have Just Released The Greatest Ad Of All Time

Good on you, DKNY. Emily Ratajkowski could sell me a pile of used hypodermic needles in her sleep, so having her prance around the streets of New York in her lingerie can get me to do just about anything. Even though I’ve never been much of a crossdresser, if anyone could convince me to purchase a pair, it’s her.
Props to DKNY for some good old fashioned marketing 101 right here. Just because of this 45-second long video, I went over to their website. Even if you have zero interest in purchasing a bra, the photoshoot alone is worth the quick scroll.
As much as I love Emily Ratajkowski, I think it’s time she gives up on the whole acting thing and heads back to modeling full time. This is the type of work she should be doing. No more bullshit (like playing Zac Effron’s girlfriend in a movie about taking molly), strictly modeling from here on out.

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