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If you don’t know, now you know: the Johnny Manziel comeback tour is full steam ahead.
Earlier in the year, we wrote about how ex-NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel seemed to have begun the new year with a new outlook on life. After tweeting about the way he was in 2016 and the way he wants to be seen in 2017, it seems as though Johnny Football is back on the right track. While some pointed to maturity or financial reasons for Manziel’s newfound straight and narrow, we argued that the reason for Manziel’s resurgence was that he got himself a new girlfriend.
Well, turns out we were right, as that new girlfriend has turned into a new fiance.
Ole’ Johnny Football took Tiesi to Paris, where he popped the big question, just 12 months removed from allegedly assaulting his previous girlfriend.
F*cking Johnny Manziel, man. The dude has nine lives. Now, we just need him back in the NFL on Sundays. Then the comeback will truly be complete.

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