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Berglind Icey is one fiery Icelandic export. As an international model, she’s earned the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Photogenic, and Miss Ibiza, among others. Icey is also a former competitive swimmer.
Berglind was born in Hafnarfjorour, Iceland on June 4, 1977. She first entered the global stage of modeling at only 15-years-old. In 2001, Icey appeared in her first feature film, The Animal. She landed a role in another Rob Schneider flick a year later, The Hot Chick.
In 2002, Icey received a minor role in the film The Master of Disguise. A year later, she secured a much larger role, as a co-host for a game show called Cram for 56 episodes. The description for that game show sounded like a cruel and amusing mix of trivia and sleep deprivation. The contestants are sent off to a warehouse, where they will stay awake for 24-hours, cramming trivia questions and jokes into their noggin. They’ll use this information to hopefully win the game show, all the while performing physical stunts and attempting to stay awake. Sounds a bit like college.
This Icelandic beauty has participated in shows like Syfy’s Scare Tactics and Cha$e. As a model, she’s graced the covers of Stuff and FHM magazine in 2004. She also appeared on the shows like According to Jim, Off Center, Style Court, and Watching Elle. In 2011, she appeared in a short film titled Hit Girls, a dark glimpse into a day in the life of three Hollywood “it girls.” She most recently appeared in the short-lived 2013 mockumentary TV show Siberia.
Icey currently lives in Los Angeles, California. And oh, by the way, she has a license to drive a freakin’ army tank. She once said, “The most daring thing I’ve done is driving an army tank full speed through a house.” Pretty bad ass, right?

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