Julian Edelman Got Dumped By Adriana Lima Because He Didn't Want To Knock Her Up











Hey, Julian Edelman, quick message for you:
I don’t care how many Super Bowl rings you’ve won, I don’t care how killer your beard is, I don’t care how many groupies you’re going to smash, it’s virtually impossible to do better than Adriana Lima. Adriana Lima is your favorite model’s favorite model. She is sex appeal personified. She’s Brazilian!
And f*cking Julian Edelman, he of the 5’10” stature, two 1000-yard seasons, and zero Pro Bowls, thinks he can turn that down. What f*cking planet is this dude living on? If Adriana Lima asks for you a child, you impregnate her on sight and get a foster child for her while she’s pregnant. You give her as many kids as she desires. She wants an Angelina Jolie-esque army of children? You snag a kid from every corner of the earth.
Via TMZ:

Julian Edelman told Adriana Lima he’s not ready for more kids and that was one of the main reasons they split. Multiple sources connected to both sides tell us … the couple broke things off a few weeks ago after months of casual dating.
We’re also told both stars are on completely different pages when it comes to family planning — Adriana wants more kids. Edelman does not … at least right now.
We’re told Edelman was taken by surprise by the baby talk — he didn’t think things were THAT serious. Lima was all about it and felt he could be “the one.”

Julian Edelman man, talk about being too big for your britches. Belichick is going to cut or trade your ass in like two years and you’re going to be wishing you were man enough to father Adriana Lima’s kids. Asshole.

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