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I’m convinced that the most exotic combinations of ethnicities create the most beautiful women. I’d marry an Icelandic-Ethiopian before ever even meeting her, that’s how much faith I have in my theory. Chrissy Teigen, Thai and Norwegian. Olivia Munn, German and Vietnamese. The Hadids are Palestinian and Dutch. Hell, even Kim Kardashian is like Armenian and a whole bunch of other shit.
Now, the world’s got Kelly Gale, who has come in HOT (literally) with her Indian-Australian mix. Gale’s mother is from Pune in India and her father is from Tatura in Victoria, Australia. Gale, 21, is an Indian-Australia model from Sweden, best known for her work at Victoria’s Secret, as well as being featured in the music video for “Duele el Corazón” by Enrique Iglesias.
When Gale was 13, she was discovered by a modeling agent outside of a coffee shop in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kelly’s parents were originally opposed to their daughter working as a model, but would eventually start modeling one year later. One of Gale’s first modeling gigs was a high-profile job with H&M. In fact, Gale had to change schools because of other kids bullying her due to her success.
Gale’s first big fashion show was with Chanel in 2012. In 2013, Gale was selected to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first time. Then in 2014, she was chosen to walk for both Polo Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret.
At only 21 years old, Gale is one of the hottest up-and-coming models in the game. By far.

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