Elettra Miura Lamborghini Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

If I told you to close your eyes and picture the 22-year-old Italian heiress to the Lamborghini fortune, you’d probably picture someone that looks a lot like Elettra Miura Lamborghini. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, crazy tattoos, and a hell of a lot of curves.

Elettra first gained recognition on MTV Italy’s Super Shore reality series (it’s like the Jersey Shore of Italy). She was nicknamed “The Italian Killer” because of how many scraps she got in, because if you couldn’t tell by the cheetah-print tattoos, she’s f*cking crazy. To make matters worse, she’s been referred to as the ‘Italian Paris Hilton.’

The descendant of Ferruccio Lamborghini has over 1 million followers on Instagram. It’s easy to see why.


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